• Description: Our signature interpretation of a French Moderne classic, this piece draws from the work of Jean-Michel Frank and Arne Arbus. When dressed with silver striping the table lights up with an electricity reminiscent of 1930s France. The piece is shown here in Natural French Walnut with silver details.
  • Options: Available in French Walnut, Oak, Cherry Pearwood and Fruitwood finishes.

    T-05-701-48 48”Dia. x 18”H
    T-05-701-54 54”Dia. x 18”H
    T-05-702-48 48”Square x 29.5”H
    T-05-702-54 54”Square x 29.5”H
    T-05-702-60 60”Square x 29.5”H
    T-05-703-30 30”Dia. x 27”H
    T-05-703-36 36”Dia. x 27”H
    T-05-704-48 48” x 96” x 29.5”H
    T-05-704-54 54” x 96” x 29.5”H
    T-05-705-60 60” x 18”D x 36”H
    T-05-706-60 60” x 16”D x 27” to 30”H
    T-05-706-72 72” x 16”D x 27” to 30”H
    T-05-707-60 60” x 20”D x 36”H
    T-05-707-72 72” x 20”D x 36”H
  • Product Code: T-05-700
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