• Description: This piece shifts the classic Chinese form into a modernized, westernized and Billy Baldwinized table, equally comfortable as lamp table, console, coffee table or étagère.
  • Options: Available in French Walnut, Cherry, Fruitwood, Antique pearwood or Oak finishes
    Top available in any 2nd Level or Premium wood

    Lamp Tables
    T-05-901-24 24”Square x 27”H
    T-05-901-30 30”Square x 27”H
    Coffee Tables
    T-05-902-30 30”Square x 18”H
    T-05-902-36 36”Square x 18”H
    T-05-902-48 48”Square x 18”H
    Console Tables
    T-05-903-54 54” x 18” x 36”H
    T-05-903-60 60” x 18” x 36”H
    Sofa Tables
    T-05-904-60 60” x 16”D x 27” or 30”H
    T-05-904-72 72” x 16”D x 27” or 30”H
    T-05-905-60 60” x 20” x 36”H
    T-05-905-72 72” x 20” x 36”H
  • Product Code: T-05-900
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