• Description: A temple to a Greek fertility goddess served as the inspiration for this piece. Aphaea had only one sanctuary, but what her followers lacked in numbers they made up for in artistry. The temple helped usher in the Doric Order. We wanted our table to use the same austere geometry to present a sense of strength balanced with airiness.
  • Options: Options: Available in all woods and finishes
    T-08-2802 60’’Dia. x 29.5’’H
    T-08-2802-01 60’’Dia. x 29.5’’H with one 22” leaf
    T-08-2802-02 60’’Dia. x 29.5’’H with two 22” leaves
    T-08-2803 72’’Dia. x 29.5’’H
    T-08-2803-01 72’’Dia. x 29.5’’H with one 22” leaf
    T-08-2803-02 72’’Dia. x 29.5’’H with two 22” leaves
    T-08-2803-03 72’’Dia. x 29.5’’H with three 22” leaves
  • Product Code: T-08-2800
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