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Dining Table Care Instructions

November 18, 2011

Wood furniture is among some of the easiest to repair, care for and preserve. You don’t have to do much more than enjoy and use our tables to maintain the furniture, however, there are things that can damage it.
Extreme Heat will damage the finishes.  Warm temperature are acceptable, however, a hot casserole dish or excessive heat from a beverage mug may deteriorate the finish and leave a ring.
Harsh chemicals are not necessary to clean our high quality satin finish and may leave a mark, a lint free cloth is great for everyday maintenance, and a mild wood furniture cleaner will do well when needed.
 Water, if wiped up within 15 minutes should not hurt the finish.  If you mix moisture with heat it will leave a mark and if there is prolonged water exposure and/ or a table is flooded with long-term immersion it may cause permanent damage to the piece.
 Solvents, like nail polish remover, can counteract the protective top coat and may harm the table’s finish.
 Abrasion, such as sliding rough stoneware across our table or allowing pets to climb on the surface will cause scratches to appear.
The good news is because of the finish process we use, if a table is damaged, a professional can fix most anything and help extend the life of your furniture.  Keith is happy to touch things up when he is in town for clients if it is an easy fix that can be done in the home as he has done this on many occasion.