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Chatoyant Surfaces

November 4, 2011

Chatoyance  [shuh-toi-uhn s] – French term defined as having changeable luster; twinkling

Imagine a tigers eye stone, known to be chatoyant with a silky luster. It is generally cut using a specific technique, en cabochon, which allows for the stone to show off unique features. At Keith Fritz, we also take care in selecting and arranging our woods so that they too exhibit a replication of that moveable, gleaming chatoyance.

Some woods offer different looks when struck by light or seen at varying angles. A high quality finishing process can also create this effect in the wood. As you walk around one of our tables the colors will dance and shift with you as you travel. This quality speaks to our dedication to giving our clients the very best that can come from a wood product. “Harnessing the beauty of nature is not a luxury, it is a necessity for the human spirit.”