“Trees are the best antiques.”

October 28, 2011

“Trees are the best antiques.” Growing up on a farm of over 1000 acres, one of Keith’s favorite things to do was oversee the sawing of lumber. He was always drawn to massive trees with lots of character, from a young age he found value in the interesting and unique figures. This passion is reflected in the magnificent arrangements of wood in our furniture and we appreciate that the trees’ life stories translate to art.

Keith’s inventory of rare veneers come from aged trees that encompass characteristics such as crotch, swirl and knots that give life to the wood in the form of truly one of a kind patterns and shapes. The wood plays such an important part in creating the perfect piece of furniture because the right lines can bring out the sensual curves or abrupt angles each piece of furniture requires… and Keith individually selects the right verve to give to each design.

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5 New Beautiful Pieces

October 14, 2011

Visit our website to see images of recently completed works. “An image of a sunset can be beautiful, but nothing can capture the vision as well as seeing it in person. “

Keith has recently completed five beautiful new pieces. He is currently on the road delivering these works of art to their new owners. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and detailed to be more than what the client is expecting, “when people receive it, they understand”. (Keith Fritz)

Masculine, clean and linear. This altar table was made for Boston Designer Jean Verbridge. The high contrasting white lacquer top sits on a heavy, solid walnut base in a deep espresso finish. This piece is a modern adaptation of a classic Chinese altar table.

Seamless, elegant and adaptable. This current take on the classic Allen Console has an added shelf to the otherwise standard design. Another personalization that gives a fresh look to the classic style is the gentle textured, hand planed walnut in a tea stain. This 8 foot long pier of elegance has a slight upward crown so it will age perfectly without sagging.

Handsome, heavy and contemporary. This round coffee table in an extra dark walnut finish has gently tapering legs into restoration style casters. The classic sunburst patterned veneer is laid up to provide the perfect focal point through the glass top.

Dark, bold and inspired. This dining table is another take on the Nantucket dining table. Fabricated for Designer Jean Verbridge, she drew on inspiration from her clients Marble Head Bay home. The surface of the table is hand planed to mimic the gently undulating waves in the bay. Finished in extra dark walnut and crafted in a heavier, bolder scale will allow this table to fit perfectly in a more contemporary space while still projecting a classic silhouette.

Balanced, sexy and sleek. This pair of Rye lamp tables have been commissioned in a modified style for New York Designer Greg McKenzie. The desire was to craft a pair of twin tables to balance the sofa and play off the glamorous old Hollywood Regency style of the home. This was accomplished to perfection with exotic chocolate stained rosewood accented with silver striping on an espresso walnut base.

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The Hawthorn Cabinet

October 7, 2011

Keith Fritz is excited to share with you a work of art, the newly completed Hawthorn Cabinet.

In this month’s newsletter, we featured the characteristics that go into one of our handcrafted works as we followed the evolution of the Hawthorn Cabinet. This display cabinet is strongly influenced by the Beidermeier period with its clean geometric sweeps and monumental scale. As a forerunner to modern furniture design, this style’s contrasting wood pairings and clean silhouettes are a remarkable example of classical notions. This piece was modeled in this light for the simple timeless fashion that this cabinet will embody. Our furniture is designed for livability but crafted as functional art to last generations. Get the full background by reading this month’s newsletter and enjoy more chronicles of furniture beginnings by following us each week on Facebook or subscribing to the monthly newsletter.

Hawthorne Cabinet

Hawthorne Cabinet

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Keith Fritz Fine Furniture would like to

September 30, 2011

Keith Fritz Fine Furniture would like to extend an invitation to event of the season. The launch of the new website.

Shop like the world’s finest designers, and explore galleries of our hand-crafted, rare wood furniture pieces in the comfort of your own home. Save tear sheets, print what inspires you from our custom furniture or share what delights you with your friends!


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Home Deliveries

September 12, 2011

I love making in home deliveries, meeting with designers, and seeing where my creations will be living! On Wednesday morning Charles Pottinger and I delivered this Quattro coffee table to Little Rock designer Eva Park Riley’s client Anne. Eva and Anne had been looking for years for the perfect coffee table for Anna’s home.

Anne’s home was custom designed and built in the early 1970’s by a prominent architect for his own family. They needed something that was sculptural, a work of art that integrated into the warm contemporary interiors.

It was so rewarding to see how happy Anne and Eva were with the coffee table. I think I will be delivering a Rye console to Anne’s home in the near future.

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Bingham McHale Congratulates Client Keith Fritz Fine Furniture on Craftsmanship Award

July 26, 2011

On behalf of Bingham McHale, I would like to congratulate Ferdinand, Ind., furniture company Keith Fritz Fine Furniture, which recently was honored with the William Thornton Distinguished Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship by MADE: In America.

Bingham McHale is proud to support our client, Keith Fritz Fine Furniture. We have enjoyed helping this business grow into the award-winning company it is today, and we look forward to seeing the company win many more awards in the years to come.

Keith Fritz Fine Furniture was established in 1999. The 12 craftsmen employed by the company produce 40 standard pieces, as well as custom designs, using exotic woods and woods they lumber and mill in their own backyard. The company’s pieces are modern interpretations of the best of 18th, 19th and early 20th century furniture design and are on display in high-end showrooms in Chicago, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas and Washington, D.C.

Winning this award allows Keith Fritz Fine Furniture to participate in design houses, design competitions, and other programs and events throughout the year. The company will have a custom vignette on display throughout the month of July at the Washington Design Center.

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Curved leg custom desk, and round Chatham table Wellesley

July 26, 2011
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Basha White Interiors

July 19, 2011

Basha White, Basha White Interiors, 6820 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 3005, Chevy Chase, MD 20815; 301/718-0014, bashawhiteinteriors.com

Photographs by Gordon Beall
Produced by Eileen A. Deymier

One would never suspect the room that designer Basha White created was once the dreariest in this showhouse. Her finished project exudes a quiet but memorable glamour as well as color confidence.

“The room had minimal light,” says Basha of the space, originally the breakfast room of this 1905 Georgian mansion. “I made it brighter and lighter with the right colors and a bit of Hollywood glam.”

She painted the walls of the room a dreamy pastel lavender that enhances the amethyst crystal used in the table settings. Raffia fabric on the Louis XVI dining chairs and a striking iron chandelier with large rock crystal drops add to the striking vignette.
The ceiling, often ignored in design, provides more dazzle to the elegant room. Silver-leaf squares, applied in a block pattern, were glazed to give the surface an aged appearance.

Window panels of luscious silk taffeta in a silvery celadon enhance the complexity of the room’s pastel-and-metallic palette. A stately horse-head sculpture rendered in 1920s Aptware reigns from atop a high pedestal in front of one of the windows.

Table (custom): Keith Fritz, 812/367-1331, keithfritz.com.

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NYC Designer: Greg McKenzie

July 11, 2011

New York designer Greg McKenzie’s needed a table for his client Adrian that could seat 8 in a small space.  The largest size that would fit in their dining area is a 72 x 38.  They also needed to be able to push the chairs up close to the table when it was not in use so that their walk path to the kitchen was open.

Back in May, Greg and Adrian invited me to visit the apartment so we could work together to figure out the design and specifications for their table.

This was quite a design challenge.  None of our standard tables worked, so,  I had to custom design a base with legs that the chairs could straddle on the ends, and fit in between in the middle.

Since they wanted a dark walnut finish, and they wanted to use the table every day I advised then to do an extra dark handplaned walnut finish.  The handplaning creates a wavy surface that breaks up the reflections and hides the wear of daily use.

I was so looking forward to delivering Adrians new table, but honestly a little nervous…  I prayed that she would be happy, and that the design would work perfectly in her space.  Adrain had been let down in the past by other manufactures, so I really wanted to totally satisfy her.  And that we did.  We pulled the chairs up to the table, and they pulled up perfectly!  Hooray!!  And she said she loved the handplaned finish!!  Adrian had high expectations, others in the past had let her down, so it felt really good to hear her go on about how much she loved her new dining table, and to see how it worked perfectly in her space!

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